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Our Services

RLCBH seeks to help with a number of various areas of life.  Whether it's mental health-specific, a struggling behavior you are seeking help with, a family/couple struggle/conflict, or an incident that has occurred you're needing help navigating and processing - we're ready to join with you.  

RLCBH is a strengths-based and client/individual-centered practice.  This means we believe you're the expert on you.  We take a collaborative approach to hear from you what your purpose & goals for counseling are and then work in stewarding those goals forward, with you.  To us, this counseling process belongs to you and we're here to help and support it forward.  

Below are examples of just some of the areas we provide support around.

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Fees, Billing, Missed Appointments and Payment Options 

Fees & Insurances

Each of our clinicians have a private pay rate they set as well as we work with a variety of insurances.  The private pay rate fees are consistent with governmental guidelines & reimbursement schedules of most insurance companies, and with those charged by other local psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors.  

It is RLCBH’s policy not to deny access to services based on ability to pay. Discounted fee structures with some clinicians are available based on income and number of dependents within the home.   If you have a question about your clinician's fee, their insurance coverages or your copay/deductible, please reach out to one of our admin team via our phone number.  The insurances that each provider works with is also on our Counselor page.  If you use insurance, your insurance will set your copay and deductible based upon your own individual plan.  During the Intake Process, your counselor will provide you our assessed copay/deductible  as part of Informed Consent, but, ultimately this is set by your insurance.  

Missed Appointments & Late Cancellations

If you need to cancel an appointment, please reach out directly to your clinician.  All clinicians require at least 24 hours of notice.  Insurances will not cover missed or late notice cancellations and it is customary to bill you for these charges.  

Making Payments

You are able to make payments on your balance via our Client Portal, or through completing our Credit Card authorization for charging your copays/deductible.   If neither of those are accessible to you, you can also call into our office for support. 


RLCBH runs copays or payments either at the time of session or shortly after.  If we experience a billing barrier with your insurance or Credit Card provided, we will reach out to you to coordinate.  It is RLCBH policy to not have clients carry large balances as we do not seek to burden clients with unresolvable bills.  

Insurances We Work With

Medicaid Funded Insurance (Molina & CHPW) & Private Insurance options of:

  • Kaiser
  • Aetna
  • Cigna/Evernorth
  • First Choice
  • Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Pacific Source
  • Premera
  • Marketplace Molina
  • Providence Health Plan
  • Private Pay
  • Coordinated Care (Foster Care)
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For those dealing with depression, it’s hard to capture just how debilitating it can be, all the while to look like it isn’t. On the outside, one can look like nothing is wrong - all the while struggling to just get out of bed, be present with those around them or even just enjoy life.

There is help for depression - you can learn to understand it, how it engages with us and ways to manage & decrease its impact on your life.

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Grief & Loss

When it comes to grief and loss, most of us struggle to even know where to begin. That’s normal, as grief & loss can look so different with each of us and be centered around a diverse focus.

Finding a safe & directing environment to process grief and loss, with support, can help people “find their way forward”, without ever leaving behind the ones or things that meant so much.

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Trauma & PTSD

The trauma’s we’ve experienced - whether large or small - shape the way we think, interact, believe and engage with life. If you’ve experienced trauma or are having symptoms of or are like PTSD, they can sometimes be debilitating or at minimum, a nuisance in important areas of our lives.

There are ways to work through, resolve or even eliminate their impact on us.


“We are not what happened to us.  We are what we wish to become.” - Carl Jung

Mens and Womens Issues

Needing a safe place to talk about those areas relating specifically to these topics is important.  They aren’t foreign to anyone but can still feel isolating.  Joining with one of our team of counselors - who approach every person with unconditional, positive regard - can be a place of finding answers to those very feelings, struggles and experiences. 

Learning you’re not alone in these and that there are ways to understand and develop effective strategies can start here. 

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Couples/Marriage Issues

Struggles in important relationships are distressful - no more so than in couples, partnerships, and marriage relationships.  Resolving these struggles increases well being, promotes great focus and enjoyment of life. 

Couples/Marriage issues focus on identifying the barriers, focusing on the needs, increasing an understanding of your partner, and learning how to communicate safely and effectively.

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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress do a lot to make life less enjoyable and more difficult to engage in.  Much of the time, we don’t even recognize it's anxiety and stress that is what is going on inside of us.  Understanding our anxiety or our sources of stress are always the first and most important steps in improving how they are impacting my life. 

Even just learning more about yourself can help in managing both.  

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Family Struggles

Families have the potential to be both the most enriching part of our lives as well as our greatest sources of stress and conflict. We can help when it's the latter :-). 

Learning about your family’s “eco-system”, the roles each person plays, the needs each one has, and how to communicate in a way that fits your family values, are some of the ways to get your family back on track.

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Phases of Life or Life Transitions

Part of the human experience is change.  Sometimes change is exciting and brings even greater joy into our lives.  Sometimes though, we experience change we weren't ready for - whether suddenly or, as part of a transition to another phase of our life.  These types of changes can be disorienting or can "knock us off our feet" a bit, leaving us feeling less stable and uncertain of direction.  

When this happens, find someone to journey with you as you "find your way" through it.  We focus on re-centering around your values, identifying your sources of strength, processing any associated areas of grief and adhering to your guiding principles to bring empowerment to a time that can feel so disempowering.   

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ADHD is one of the more misunderstood mental health struggles.  Most see it as just having "high energy".  In reality, ADHD isn't really that - it's the struggle to focus, pay attention, remember to follow through, and the identity-shaping impact these struggles have on those living with it.  This includes the shame cycle of missed appointments, missed conversation points, school or work focus struggles, and the daily struggle to compensate for these areas. It's often mistaken for not caring, not being dependable, or even "purposely" doing things - when that's not it at all. 

If you wonder if ADHD is affecting you, please reach out to one of our counselors. They can assess if it is, collaborate with you on a treatment approach, and help you take back control of your life that ADHD keeps undermining.

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Phobias and Obsessions

Living with a phobia or obsession can be a secretly debilitating experience.  Those around us don't see our struggle but we navigate our entire lives around it. 

Whether it's the scary experiences associated with OCD (like unwanted thoughts & worries), or a specific phobia creating negative effects in the quality of your life, we can partner with you in finding help and solutions.

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