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Part Time Clinician

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This role is clinicians looking for a part time counseling position that could either be their primary practice or supplementary.


Real Life Community Behavioral Health is a licensed Behavioral Health Agency in Clark County, WA. This Master’s Degree Level Clinician is responsible for the provision of mental health outpatient therapy in a private practice setting, utilizing in-office and telehealth services. We work with a combination of Medicaid Funded Insurances, Private Insurances, and Private Pay. We also provide supervision for both employment and licensure purposes and adhered to the standards and expectations set forth by our Behavioral Health Agency License through the State of Washington. 

Direct Service Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families (if qualified) utilizing evidence-based practices in office and telehealth settings. 
  • Work from a strengths-based/team-based approach in coordinating the provision of services.
  • Clinicians will occasionally interact with community partners and resources as part of some case management activities when the clients present with needing additional resources (e.g. - engaging with their PCP or med management provider, accessing addiction related service, etc)
  • Know or learn the service expectations of our Behavioral Health License, including service and documentation standards (we provide training on this and, as a clinician, would be responsible for following these standards). 
  • Complete documentation and billing within expected timelines. 
  • Maintain a weekly minimum billing of 18 billable sessions/week, scheduling at least 20 sessions weekly to provide room for cancellations and appointment frequency adjustments. 
  • Counseling Services - including harm reduction strategies, family systems approach of identifying social roles, relationships, and family functioning and is trauma-informed & utilizes evidence-based interventions.
  • Complete and integrate provided assessments as part of the treatment planning process (e.g. - PHQ9, GAD7, PCL-5, etc) 
  • Participate in 1 individual supervision with a direct supervisor (this will also serve as your licensure supervision) a month and every other week group supervision (also part of your licensure supervision) for 3 hours of supervision provided monthly. 
  • Complete initial orientation training and relias training within the 5 first scheduled days of employment and annual training as requested (towards your license and in adherence to our Behavioral Health Agency License). All Associate Licensed Clinicians are required by the state to complete 36 hours of CE’s every 2 years, with 6 of those being Ethics hours. 
  • Operate within the Rules and Ethics of your field as outlined in Washington State RCW/WAC and NASW & ACA 

Qualifications and Position Expectations

  • A Qualifying Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) or Counseling (MA/MAC) that allows you to be a Washington State associate (licensed) for Mental Health Counseling (LMHCA), Social Work (LICSWA), Marriage and Family (LMFTA) or Licensed Agency Affiliated Counselor (LAAC). 
  • Must have reliable transportation. 
  • Applicants must successfully complete and pass a background check, prior to being offered employment. During the hiring process, an employee must have their LMHCA, LICSWA, LMFTA or LAAC. 
  • Be a team player/worker - RLCBH takes a collaborative approach to providing services through regular supervision and engagement with other staff members. 
  • Be able to provide services professionally in both office and telehealth settings with minimal client concerns and grievances filed at no more than one per quarter or five per year.
  • This is a Part-Time Position, based upon a 24-hour work week position. The shift starts at 9:00am to 5:30pm, working 3 days a week on a set schedule.
  • It is expected that Clinicians will manage their own license/associate license requirements and maintain an “Active” & “In good standing” qualification in regards to their LMHCA, LICSWA LMFTA, or LAAC. This includes adhering to both the Ethical and Legal requirements to provide mental health counseling within WA State. 


  • Starting annual wage is $34/hr at work a schedule of 24hrs/week (3 days/week). 
  • This role can serve as a clinician's part time job or, it can evolve into our Full Time Clinician position for those interested in reaching and maintaining a full time caseload. That Full Time, 40hrs/week position has a set annual salary of $70,720 with it's own bonus structure and additional benefits - please review the job description for the Full Time Clinician on this website for additional information. 
  • Bonus incentives- Clinicians receive 50% of average collected dollars beyond $10,000 per month average, assessed over a quarterly period (e.g. - January - March, etc). The bonus can be elected to be paid directly to 401k. 
  • CEU’s - RLCBH provides a library of training that meets the annual requirements for the BHA. Also available, on your own time is an additional 100+ hours worth of CEU’s (including Ethics) to support your requirements for your license - free to you. 
  • Free Supervision towards licensure - we provide 1 individual and at least two group supervisions monthly. For LMFTA's, you will also need additional supervision outside of RLCBH in order to complete your requirements towards licensure. 
  • Sick time leave 1 hour/40 hours worked. 
  • RLCBH is an approved HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) & WA Health Corps site, offering both of their Student Loan Reimbursement Programs with two years or more commitments to employment. Qualifying staff can apply to HRSA for student loan 
    reimbursement while employed with us (during annual application periods). 
  • Additional Positions available upon licensure - including; Salaried license position (You can view the details on this position on our Website); Possible Supervisor Position for qualified candidates (You can view the details on this position on our Website); or possible 1099 Licensed Position with our sister company. Real Life Counseling, after your first full year of RLCBH employment.
  • Independence in setting your weekly schedule (coordinated with client/office availability) as long as production minimums are being met. 
  • We provide you access to referrals in order to help you to maintain your desired caseload. We offer billing services as well as collection services. 
  • We provide you a documentation and scheduling platform that includes a Client Portal for completing all documentation and integrating desired assessments. 
  • We provide you a Telehealth Platform (and device) in which to provide Telehealth sessions. All our positions are a mix of in person and virtual depending on your preferences. 
  • We have a “team” environment and provide regular ongoing support for both clinical and documentation related activities. You’ll have access to regular consultation & support with other team members and a supervisor as you continue to grow into your practice 


  • This position is for 3 days a week, 8 working hours a day. 
  • 24hrs/week (Travel, Services Provided, Supervision/s, Documentation) - this job is designed, based on session minimum, to be able to be completed within 24 hours/week. 
  • This is considered a part time position and would expect that it be treated as such. 

Work Conditions

  • Service provisions are provided in office and via telehealth. 
  • Clinicians are provided office space to adequately provide their caseload.

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