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Full Time Licensed Clinician

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This role is for fully licensed clinicians looking for a full-time counseling role that includes Salary and Benefits packages.


Real Life Community Behavioral Health is a licensed Behavioral Health Agency in Clark County, WA.This Master’s Degree Level Clinician (Licensed) is responsible for the provision of mental health outpatient therapy in a private practice setting, utilizing in office and telehealth services with standards meeting our Behavioral Health Agency guidelines. This position works mainly with private insurances and private pay, with some Medicaid Funded Insurances. It is also provided with employment related supervision, support and consultation (though this licensed position does not need licensure related supervision, the employment supervision provided is to assist the clinician in maintaining Behavioral Health Agency standards as well as consultation in navigating client related questions that occasionally arise).

Direct Service Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families (if qualified) utilizing evidence-based practices in office and telehealth settings. 
  • Work from a strengths-based/team-based approach in coordinating the provision of services. 
  • Clinicians will occasionally interact with community partners and resources as part of some case management activities when the clients present with needing additional resources (e.g. - engaging with their PCP or med management provider, accessing addiction related service, etc) 
  • Know or learn the service expectations of our Behavioral Health LIcense, including service and documentation standards (we provide training on this and, as a clinician, would be responsible for following these standards). 
  • Complete documentation & billing within expected timelines & expectations F. Maintain a weekly minimum billing of 25 billable sessions/week, scheduling at least 28 sessions weekly to provide room for cancellations and appointment frequency adjustments. 
  • Counseling Services - including harm reduction strategies, family systems approach of identifying social roles, relationships, and family functioning and is trauma-informed & utilizes evidence-based interventions. 
  • Complete and integrate provided assessments as part of the treatment planning process (e.g. - PHQ9, GAD7, PCL-5, etc) 
  • Participate in weekly individual supervision with a direct supervisor (this will also serve as your licensure supervision) and every other week group supervision (also part of your licensure supervision) for 6 hours of supervision provided monthly. 
  • Complete initial training within your first week of employment and annual training as requested (towards your license and in adherence to our Behavioral Health Real Life Community Behavioral Health Agency License). All Licensed & Associate Licensed Clinicians are required by the state to complete 36 hours of CE’s every 2 years, with 6 of those being Ethics hours.
  •  Operate within the Rules and Ethics of your field as outlined in Washington State RCW/WAC and NASW & ACA

Qualifications and Position Expectations

  • A Qualifying Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) or Counseling (MA/MAC) that allows you to obtain a Washington State License for Mental Health Counseling (LMHC) or Social Work (LICSW) 
  • Having and maintaining either an LMHC or LICSW,  active and in good standing,  with the State of Washington. This is a fully licensed position
  • Must have reliable transportation 
  • Applicant must successfully complete and pass a background check, prior to being offered employment. 
  • Be team player/worker - RLCBH takes a collaborative approach to providing services through regular supervision and engagement with other staff members
  • Be able to provide services professionally in both office and telehealth settings
  • This is a Full Time Position, based upon a 40 hour week position, working days are Monday - Friday - evenings and weekends are optional based on Clinician preference, office availability and client availability. 
  • It is expected that Clinicians will manage their own license requirements and maintain an “Active” & “In good standing” qualification in regards to either their LMHC or LICSW. This includes adhering to both the Ethical and Legal requirements to provide mental health counseling within WA State. 


  • Starting Salary is $85K/year. Raises are assessed openly & annually and are performance based, dependent upon meeting communicated job expectations and goals and are weighed in conjunction with clinic revenues & profits.  
  • Medical/Dental/Vision (Eligible after 60 Days) or Medical Stipend if you prefer to opt out of our plan.
  • 401K - RLCBH has a 401K plan that you can contribute to and integrates a matching program of up to 3% of your annual income (starting at the end of your probation period and fully vests at 5 years of employment)
  • CEU’s - RLCBH provides a library of training that includes 100+ hours worth of CEU’s (including Ethics) to support your requirements for your license - free to you.
  • 9 Paid Holidays & 2 floating holidays.  Paid Holidays can be traded for an alternative day off, if preferred, within that holiday’s quarter.  Floating  Holidays do not accrue or carry over into following year(s).
  • Bonus Incentive that can add up to an additional $10,000/annually - Clinician receives 50% of reimbursement rate for any billable sessions carried over the session minimum of 25 billable hours/week - assessed over a quarterly period (e.g. - January - March, etc).  Bonus sessions are also available to trade out for paid time off.  This “Alternative” time off is an exchange of 5 completed Bonus Sessions for 1 Full Day Paid off 
  • 9 Paid Holidays & 2 floating holidays.  Paid Holidays can be traded for an alternative day off, if preferred, within that holiday’s quarter.  Floating Holidays are 1 for the first half of the year (Jan-Jun) and 1 for the second half of the year (July-Dec) and do not accrue or carry over. 
  • PTO (First year earn 2.5hr/40hrs worked (about 3 weeks/year) , 2nd year and earn 3hr/40 hrs worked (almost 4 weeks/year)
  • Potential option of Supervision of interns with percentage of session fees paid to clinician (For those qualifying and based upon intern availability - we ask all newly licensed clinicians to demonstrate reliability and consistency with their own practice first prior to becoming eligible for supervising interns). 
  • Additional Positions available for qualifying individuals (e.g. - Clinical Supervisor with our Associate Licensed Team) when they become available they include a salary and benefits package increase. 
  • Independence in setting your weekly schedule (coordinated with client/office availability) as long as production minimums are being met.
  • We provide you all your referrals to ensure you are able to maintain caseload and take care of the billing - you just provide the services and complete the documentation. 
  • We provide you a documentation & scheduling platform that includes a Client Portal for completing all documentation and integrating desired assessments. 
  • We provide you a Telehealth Platform (and device) in which to provide Telehealth sessions.  All our positions are a mix of in person and virtual. 
  • We have a “team” environment and provide regular ongoing support for both clinical and documentation related activities.  You’ll have access to regular consultation & support  with other team members and a supervisor as you continue to grow into your practice.


  • Monday - Friday (Scheduled Holidays off)
  • Evenings (depending on client schedule availability). Weekends can be an option based on client availability and clinician preference.
  • 40hrs/week (Travel, Services Provided, Supervision/s, Documentation) - this job is designed, based on session minimum, to be able to be completed within 40 hours/week.
  • This is considered a full time position and would expect that it be treated as such.

Work Conditions

  • Service provisions are provided in office and via telehealth. Telehealth preference can be increased based upon clinician preference and client availability
  • Clinicians are provided 2 and a half days of office space during the weekdays (Monday, Tues and Half Wednesday or, Half Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and are assisted in identifying an additional space for telehealth sessions provided outside of office availability hours. Weekend office hours are available upon request. Mixing a weekend with weekdays for office space is also an option.
  • We encourage all clinicians to incorporate a “protected” day into their work week - meaning, a day with no sessions or meetings where documentation, training and researching can be completed. These days usually fall on a Monday or Friday. These are not required, but encouraged as part of the sustainability and case management.

COVID-19/Pandemic Precautions (when applicable)

  • Telehealth Options as needed
  • Personal Protective Equipment required for in person sessions when mandated by the state.
  • RLCBH provides a system of navigating COVID related barriers, offering Telehealth options to all clients (when exposed or quarantining) and clinicians (if they’ve been exposed or tested positive).

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