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Administrative (Admin) Support Position

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Overview (Currently on Pause for Additional Hiring)

RLCBH has Clinic Administrative roles, providing admin-type support to the clinical work we provide.  This specific position is the "Admin Support" Position


Real Life Community Behavioral Health (RLCBH) is a licensed Behavioral Health Agency in Clark County, WA.  This Administrative (Admin) Support Staff position is an entry level role within the administrative department of RLCBH.  RLCBH provides mental health outpatient therapy in a private practice setting, utilizing in office and telehealth services. We work with a combination of Medicaid Funded Insurances, Private Insurances and Private Pay.  This position specifically supports maintaining the admin side of the standards and expectations set forth by our Behavioral Health Agency License through the State of Washington.

Direct Service Duties & Responsibilities

  • Admin Support Positions serve 5 primary functions within RLCBH; 1) Provide Data Entry for various departments of RLCBH; 2) Provides Office Setting Support; 3) Follow up on Business Partner/Contractor Tasks; 4) Is Cross Trained on the area of their Admin Lead; 5) Is a Standard Bearer of RLCBH Vision, Culture and Values
  • Provide Data Entry for various departments of RLCBH.  This includes but is not limited to; Running Copays,
    Inputting Insurance Information, Running Insurance Verification, Inputting or Verifying Intake Documentation Completion, Additional Data Entry as identified.
  • Provides Office Setting Support that includes but is not limited to; Ensuring the office is kept clean and supplied; The staff break area is kept clean and organized and supplied; Ensure all office area supplies are maintained and organize and maintain storage areas (as applicable), Provide (as applicable) receptionist oriented services
  • Follow up on Business Partner/Contractor Tasks that include but is not limited coordinating contracted services for scheduling or follow up purposes, such as; Any maintenance for the office that has been contracted to be completed; Any IT maintenance for the office or RLCBH systems that has been contracted to be completed; If a maintenance task can be completed by a staff member, Admin Support, upon a demonstration of capacity, can complete it themselves.  
  • Is Cross Trained on the area of their Admin Lead; Admin Support take on some of the tasks for that department; Admin Support cover for the Admin Lead when the Admin Lead is out of the office; 
    Admin Support has an area of demonstrating their own capacities and growth into possible Admin Lead positions.  
  • Is a Standard Bearer of RLCBH Vision, Culture and Values within the RLCBH office setting including but not limited to; interaction with clients, interaction with other staff members, in the carrying out of their tasks, in interaction with community partners or contracted businesses.
  • RLCBH works from a strengths-based/team-based approach in coordinating the provision of
    services and in how we engage with one another.
  • Administrative staff will occasionally interact with community partners and resources as part of either supporting clients or other entities around engaging our clients with resources. Our clinicians do a large part of this but you may also be called upon to support (this role is not clinical, so you’d just support from an administrative role).
  • Know or learn the service expectations of our Behavioral Health License, including service and documentation standards (we provide training on this and though you won’t be facilitating the clinical aspect of this, your support administratively will require you knowing these standards).
  • Admin Support staff are managed by their assigned Admin Lead.
  • Either know or learn the rules and laws around handling and having access to Personal Health Information and be a standard bearer in ensuring client confidentiality.  
  • Be a positive representation of RLCBH and assist in safeguarding its business interests.
  • Present and maintain a professional presentation at all times - we are a clinical & professional office setting.
  • Additional Administrative Duties as needed (but maintained within your normal work hours). 

Qualifications for this Position

  • High School Diploma or equivalent (a preferred qualification of having completed an Associate's Degree). 
  • This is an entry level position
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Applicants must successfully complete and pass a background check, prior to being offered employment due to the job working and interacting with clients and medical information.
  • Be team player/worker - RLCBH takes a collaborative approach to providing services and in engagement with other staff members
  • Be able to provide services in a professional manner as this is in a behavioral health clinic setting
  • A preferred qualification of experience with medical billing or medical record keeping/medical office experience and customer services.
  • This is a Full Time Position, based upon a 40 hour week position, working days are Monday - Friday and our office hours are 9am-5pm.


  • Admin Support Staff starting pay is $20/hr. Raises are assessed openly & annually and are performance based, dependent upon meeting communicated job expectations and goals and are weighed in conjunction with clinic revenues & profits  
  • 100% Employee premium coverage on Medical/Dental/Vision (Eligible at 90 Days) or Medical Stipend if you prefer to opt out of our plan.  Options to buy up to higher tier plans
  • 401K - RLCBH has a 401K plan that you can contribute to and has a matching program of up to 3% of your annual income (after the initial probationary period and matching begins after 1st yr of employment and fully vests at 5 years of employment).  
  • RLCBH is an approved HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) site, offering their Student Loan Reimbursement Program with 2 years or more commitments to employment.  Qualifying staff can apply for student loan reimbursement with us (during annual enrollment).
  • 9 Paid Holidays & 2 floating holidays.  Paid Holidays can be traded for an alternative day off, if preferred, within that holiday’s quarter (based on coverage & office availability as well).  Floating Holidays can be taken anytime of the year and do not accrue or carry over.  
  • PTO (First year earn 1.5hrs/40hrs worked, 2nd year earn 2hrs/40 hrs worked and 3rd year beyond earn 2.5hrs/40 hours worked.
  • Opportunities for career advancement and development - RLCBH takes a valued approach to every position to support individuals in gaining future employment skills, in-office position development and additional positions within the company based upon displayed growth and competencies.  


  • This Admin Support is for a Full Time time position.
  • Monday - Friday (Scheduled Holidays off), Office Hours can be set for 8 to 8 ½ hours per day (which includes a 30 minute unpaid lunch break, that can be extended to 60 minutes with supervisor approval for any off site appointments as needed). 
  • Admin Supports can set their office hours for either 8am - 4:30pm, 8:30am - 5pm or 9am-5:30pm with approval from their supervisor.  Variations can be requested and collaborated upon with the supervisor.
  • This is considered a full time, 40 hour/week position and would expect that it be treated as such.  Being that your role is primarily within the office, your value in the role is found in being present in the office -  both physically and with focus.  Also, your accessibility to our phone line will be important.  

Work Conditions

  • Your work will primarily be out of our admin office area within one of our Suite locations.
  • Our team of counselors provide services both in office and via telehealth.
  • This job may require frequent sitting & standing interchanges, as well as long periods of
    sitting and computer screen time.

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